Students and nutrition

Student’s inadequate nutrition not only influence their health but also the results they achieve during studying. Maybe they can’t always prepare meals rich with everything they need. But they cn make some changes in their habits to improve the quality of their lives.

For example the coffee can be replaced with cocoa. High percentage of cocoa improves the brain blood flow and in short term improves the concentration. Therefore milk chocolate can be replaced with chocolate with higher percentage of cocoa 60-70%.

The fish and other sea food rich in fatty acid improves the focus and study efficiency. Therefore at least twice a week eat sardines in stead of fast food.

Nuts and dry fruit can be a good repleasment for chips, flips….Student can prepare their own mixture. For example nut, dry fruit and peaces of chocolate high in cocoa. In Europe these kind of food is called students food and brain food.

Of course, always nearby should be kept fresh fruit and veggie. For example apples improve memory. Bananas help brain easily get sugar needed.

One of the most important thing that we always forget it’s the water. Hydration improves focus. Always keep bottle of water nearby.

By improving nutrition studies can be facilitate and results improved.




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