Autumn soup


1 smaller onion

1 carrot

½ pepper(red or green)

7-8. broccoli peaces

5-6. bliss leaves


1tsp. food supplement with vegetables


black pepper

olive oil

For the dumplings:

1 egg

6tsp. wheat semolina

½ food supplement with vegetables

Take one smaller onion peel it and chop it on small pieces. In on pot add oil. Put the pot on the oven. Then add the onion. Fry it till shinny and transparent. Next, add chopped carrot, pepper, bliss, parsley, broccoli. Stear it and fry it a little bit. Then, add 1 l. water. Add food supplement, salt and black pepper.

Now make the dumplings. In on dish broke one egg and add food supplement. Stear it. Then add the wheat semolina and stear again to get compact mixture.

When the water starts boiling add the dumplings using tea spoon. Let it boil for about 10 minutes.



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