Baked ribs on potatoes


1 kg.                           pork ribs

1 kg.                           potatoes

250 ml.                       white wine

50 ml.                          oil

1 tsp.                           food supplement with



                                    dried basil

                                    black pepper

                                    bukovec (spaced dried red pepper)

            Take the potatoes wash it, peel it and cut it on cubes. Then, put it in baking pan. Spice it with food supplement with vegetables, salt and bukovec. After that, add a cup of wine.

            Wash the ribs and spice them with salt, basil ad black pepper. Put the ribs on the potatoes and add the oil. Bake two hours on 220°C. After one hour of baking take the pan off the oven and turn over the ribs. Add some salt, black pepper and oil on top of the ribs. Return the pan in the oven and bake additional one hour.



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