100g.                Hazelnuts

100g.                Walnuts

200g.                Chocolate

1tsp.                  Nes coffee

1tsp.                  Sunflower oil


          Bake the nuts on 100°C for a few minutes. 

         Break the chocolate into small pieces(or use chocolate chips) and add it into a small pot. Put the pot on steam and meltdown the chocolate. After the chocolate meltdown add the coffee and the oil. Then, take the pot off the steam and add the nuts in it. Stir it well. Use tea spoon to add the nuts into small paper baskets. 



One way to decorate this dessert is with sugar crystals. In small pot add on teaspoon sugar and some drops of water. Put the pot on low heat. When the sugar melts down add some edible color. Then, pour the sugar on aluminum foil. After is tighten break it on small pieces and add on chocolate before the chocolate tights.




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