Beef in sauce



1kg.                               beef

2 gloves.                       onion

2                                    carrots

1                                    fresh pepper

2 tsp.                             food supplement with vegetables

300ml.                           water

1 cup.                            white wine

                                      salt and black pepper

1 teaspoon.                    flour

                                       all purpose oil

1kg.                                potatoes    

1 tsp.                              red pepper


        Take the meat and cut it on bigger slices. Peel the onion and the carrots and cut it on bigger slices. Cut the fresh pepper.

       Half of the meat put on the bottom of one pot. On top put half of the onion, carrots, pepper and half of tsp. food supplement with vegetables. Then, put the another half of the meat. On a top of the meat put the second half of the onion, carrots, pepper and half tsp. food supplement with vegetables. Also, add salt and black pepper. Pour the water in. Put the pot on the oven and slow cook for about an hour. After one hour add the wine.

      In minwhile peel the potatoes and cut it on cubes. Put them on baking pan. Add one tsp. food supplement with vegetables, red pepper, pinch of black pepper and salt. Add in water so it will fill the bottom of the pan. Also, pour all purpose oil. Bake the potatoes on 220°C for about one hour.

     After two hours take one frying pan and pour some oil. Then heated. After that, add the meat and fry it a little bit on both sides.  Next, put the meat on a plat and cover it with aluminum foil.

     Take one fork and press the onion, carrots and pepper from the broth. After that, take one frying pan pour some oil and heated. Add on teaspoon flour and fry it. Then, add the broth and leave it to thicken.

    Finally, take on serving plate put one slice of the meat, pour in the sauce and add the potatoes. On top decorate as you wish.


     Nice and tasty dish for beef lover to enjoy with guests. Have a nice meal!!




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