Kozjak Lake

       On over 40km. from Skopje there is the biggest artificial lake in Macedonia, Kozjak. The lake is 32km. long and on some places the depth of the lake is up to 132m. It’s created in 2004.

       There can be found different kinds of fish, like: trout, carp, rainbow trout, maple, scarp, eel, barbell and others.

      Above the lake is the nature reserve “Jasen”. Protected animals in the reserve are the wild goat, the bear and the fig. Protected birds are the bachelor, white headed vulture, the owl.

      You can get to the lake by both sides. By Skopje and by Makedonski Brod. If you go by Skopje you will go through reserve “Jasen” and you will enjoy the view of the lake, the ash trees and wild animals. If go by Makedonski Brod you will enjoy the beauty of the river Treska.

      The lake still isn’t visited by many tourists. But the beauty is in that. Because the peace and the smell of the different herbs are amazing.



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