Snickers truffles


300g.          sugar

100ml.        water

150g.          margarine

200g.          biscuits

400g.          peanuts

100g.          dates

200g.          chocolate

3tsp.            oil


          Roast the peanuts on 100°C. Or you may buy roasted but not salted. Then, grind 200g. and chop another 200g. Also grind the biscuits. Next, chop the dates.

         Take one pot and add the water and the sugar. Stir well. Then put the pot on the oven. When the water starts boiling take the pot off the oven. Then add the margarine and stir till the margarine melts. Next, add the biscuits, the grinded peanuts and the dates. Stir and take the pot a side, so that the mixture cools down. 

        When the mixture is cooled down make small balls and put them on aluminum foil.

        In one small pot put 25g. margarine, the oil and the chocolate. Put the pot on water steam. Let the ingredients to melt. After that take the pot off the steam. 

       Take one ball roll it in melted chocolate and then in chopped peanuts.





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