650g.                sugar

18tsp.               water

210g.                margarine

250g.                grind hazelnuts

250g.                grind biscuits

100g.                unsweetened 



For glaze:

100g.                unsweetened


20g.                   margarine

3tsp.                   oil


          Put the hazelnuts in one pan and roast them on low heat. When hazelnuts are roasted take off the oven. After that grind the hazelnuts and biscuits. 

          In one pot add the sugar and the water and stir well. Then put the pot on oven. When the sugar melts take the pot off the oven and add the hazelnuts and biscuits. Next add the margarine. Stir well. Divide the mixture in two. In one part add melted 100g. chocolate. 

         Take one profound pan. Coat it with a little bit oil. Then add the part with chocolate and above add the white part. 

        In one small pot add 100g. chocolate, 20g. margarine and 3 tsp. oil. Put the pot on steam. Take the pot off the steam after the chocolate melts. Pour the chocolate on the top of the bajadera and coat well.




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