Chocolate flowers


200g.        walnuts or hazelnuts

200g.         biscuits

300g.         unsweetened 


200g.         sugar

100ml.       water


     Bake the walnuts on low heat. Then mince the walnuts and the biscuits.

     Put the sugar and the water in small pan and mix it. Put the pan on the oven. When the water starts to boil take the pan off the oven. Then, put the walnuts, the biscuits and the rum in. Mix it till get compact mixture. From the mixture make small balls. 

      Crash the chocolate on pieces and put it in small pan and add one tablespoon oil. Then put the pan on steam. Melt the chocolate. When the chocolate is melted take the pan off the oven but leave it on the steam. Take one silicon brush and silicon module with different figures(flowers). Next use the brush to coat the module with chocolate. Put the module in fridge. Wait for 2-3 minutes and take the module off the oven. Put chocolate all over again. Put the module back in fridge. Wait 2-3 minutes and take the module off the oven. Then add the balls in the module. On the top add chocolate. Put the module back to the fridge. Wait few minutes and take the module off the fridge. At the end take the chocolate flowers off the module. 




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