Macedonian winter muckalica


400g.              pork


3                      capia red peppers

1                      eggplant

2                      onions

1                       leek

1jar                  champignons

7-8tsp.             tomato sauce

1cup                 white wine

50ml.                oil

                          dry parsley

                          salt and pepper

      Put the meat in on bowl and cover it with water. Add one palm of hand salt. Leave it to marinade for about 2-3 hours.

      Here nearly every family keep in their freezers capia peppers roasted and peeled for winter. Also we do it with eggplants. We baked it in oven. Then peel it, cope it and freeze it. This kind of ingredients we will use in this recipe. If you are using fresh then first roast them. 

      Take the meat off the water. Cut it on pieces. The put it in one pot and add wine. Cook the meat on low heat. When the wine evaporates add oil and fry the meat. After that take it off the oven.

      Peel the onions and chop them. The put the pieces in on pot. Add oil. Put the pot low heat. Fry onion till becomes glassy. Then add the peppers, eggplant and leek cut on pieces. Fry for about 10 minutes and stir from time to time. Then add the champignons and a little bit of champignon marinade continue to stir. Then add the meat and the tomato sauce. Fry it for about 10 minutes. Next add the salt, the black pepper and the parsley. Fry for another 10 minutes. After that take the pot off the oven. 




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