Coconut cake


8                 eggs

550 g.          sugar

170 g.          coconut

3 tsp.            flour

½ l               milk

4 tsp.            starch

1                  vegetable margarine


Cake: Separate yolks and whites. Then whisk whites with 250 g. sugar. When light and fluffy stop the mixer. Add the coconut and the flour and stir with spatula. Pour the mixture int baking pan with baking paper. Bake on 160°. When is done divide in two parts.

Frosting: Put the milk in one pot and add 300 g. sugar. Stir well. Then put the pot on oven to bring the milk to boil. In meanwhile add the starch and some milk into the yolks and stir well. When the milk starts to boil pour the yolks. Stir till get fine cream. After that, take the pot off the oven and leave the cream to cool down. In one bowl add the margarine and whisk it. Then add the cold cream. Whisk again.

Coat the cake. On top add thin layer of icing.

For the fondant:

400 g.             lokum- Turkish delight

400 g.            powdered sugar

From the ingredients knead a dough. Separate in on different ball and add edible colors.

For the barrel: knead corn flex with lokum.



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