Staffed peppers


500g.          minced meat

6-7              capia red or green peppers

1                 onion

1                  tomato

2                  potatoes

½                 cup of tea-white rice

1tsp.            food supplement with vegetables



1 tsp.            flour

1tsp.              red pepper

                       black pepper

 Some fresh champignons

        Take the onion, peel and chop it. Then, take one frying pan. Put some oil in it and add the onion. Put the pan on oven. Fry the onion till shines. Then add the meat and fry it till become red brown. Next add the rice, one chopped tomato, the food supplement and the salt. Continue to fry it for about five minutes. Then add the red pepper and black pepper. Fry for one minute and take the pan off the oven.

          Take the peppers wash them and take the seeds off. Then fill the peppers with the meat filling. Next, take one potato, peel it and sliced it on thin circles. Close the peppers with these slices( for closing you can use tomato slices). Take one baking pan and put the peppers in. Between the peppers add small cubes potatoes, fresh champignons and 500ml. warm water. Put the baking pan on the oven’s ring to start boiling. Turn the oven on 240°C. When the water starts boiling put the pan in the oven. Bake it for about 15 minutes.

           In meanwhile, take small frying pan add the oil and one tablespoon flour. Fry the flour till light brown. After that, take the baking pan off the oven. Carefully turn the pepper on the other side and pour the flour on peppers. Return the baking pan in the oven and bake for another 15 to 20 minutes. After that take take the pan off the oven.



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