Rolls of pickled cabbage


500 g.                    rise

4-5                        onions

40-50                    pickled cabbage leaves

1 tsp.                     food supplement with


2 tsp.                     dried red pepper




                               black pepper

          Peel and chop the onions. Then, add it to a frying pan with a little bit oil. Fry it until it glazed. In meanwhile, clean the rise and wash it in water. Pour the water out. When the onion is glazed add the rise. Stir well. Then add the food supplement with vegetables, oregano, basil, salt and black pepper. After 4-5 minutes of frying add dried red pepper. Stir well and take the pan off the oven.

         Next, prepare the cabbage leaves. Take one leave and cut it on 2 or 3 parts (it depends on how big the rolls will be). Make 40-50 pieces.

          Take one big pot. Then chop some cabbage on the bottom of the pot. After that, start making the cabbage rolls. Take one-piece cabbage and add one tea spoon of rise filling. First cover the sides then roll it. Repeat this procedure till finish all filing. Cover the rolls with hole cabbage leaves. Pour the liquid from the pickled cabbage or water. Make sure to cover the rolls. Put the pot on the oven. Cook it for half an hour.

          In one small pot add some oil and dried red pepper. Fry the pepper a few seconds and then pour it into the rolls. Preheat the oven on 220°C. Put the pot in the oven. Bake for half hour. Then take the pot off the oven. 



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